Just try to see the heavenly Jerusalem separate from the earthly! ~ No, Jerusalem is not a city. ~ But rather – a – negative theography —

by prokofiev19

“More obscure than what has preceded:

Know that the describing of the Divine, may It be cherished and exalted, by means of negations – statements of what It is not ~ a description that is no effected by an indulgence in facile language and does not imply any deficiency with respect to the Divine in general or in any particular matter. On the other hand, if one describes It by means of affirmations – statements of what It is, then one implies that It is related to that which is not It – which necessarily implies a deficiency in regard to It …”

~ Maimonides’ Guide for the Perplexed – Part One, Chapter 58 ~

Negative Theography - with 2 drawings