Then he – Moshe – said to Him – to It: ‘O-cause-me-to-see, do accede to this – let-me-see Your glory-exuding-heavy-presence-manifest!’ But He – None-Other-Than-It-Nothing-Like-a-Person-Nothing-Like-Anything-We-Know – The-Divine-Yes-Divine – said: ‘No-you’re-unable to see My faces for no-he-cannot-see-Me – the-human-being and live.’ Then It said – None-Other-Than-Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey ~ He-Who-That-Which-Is-Nearly-Unnameable-Past-That-Continues-Into-Present-That-Before-Immediately-Becomes-Future-That-Never-Reaches-Any-Final-Home-Destination said: ‘See-now-if-you-forgo-leave-off-everything – there-is-a-place-here with-Me such-that-you-will-take-your-stand-opposite-the-massive-stone-rock & when in-Its-passing-by – yes-a-manifestation-of-My-heavy-fleeting-presence what-with-My-having-placed-you in-the-break-the-divide of-the-stone-rock while-I-shield with-the-palm-of-My-hand raised-over-you until-My-passing-by. Then-I-will-take-away the-palm-of-My-hand &-you-will-see My-back – but My faces no-they-cannot-be-seen. ~ Exodus 33:18-23 ~ See the sky about to rain – broken clouds & rain — Whistle blowing in my brain — Signals curling on an open plain — Some are bound for happiness – some are bound for glory – some are bound to live with less – who can tell your story — I was down in Dixie Land – played a silver fiddle — Played it loud & then the man – broke it down the middle ~ Neil Young

by prokofiev19

I just earlier this evening, dear Asher, wrote you here in reply/response

to your sharing how Vadim Repin’s rendition of Prokofiev’s violin concerto no. 1, opus 19 is especially compelling – & for sure it’s also because of Valery Gergiev’s conducting (just listen to his conducting Verdi’s Requiem with Renee Fleming et al!) —

My response I wrote you:

Well, obviously – Prokofiev opus 19 – this is a work that especially seizes & moves me ~ so-ho I know several renditions – violinists taking it on. In deciding to share it here – and you know it would not have been enough for me to share it just because of my email address. The way I envision this blog – everything – including the sampling from my artwork ~ everything is to be related, driven by the focus of ‘enduring contradictions’ – &, well, the centrality of that theme, perspective, consciousness, spirit for me necessarily inhabits, resonates in all manner of phenomena that speak to me – so it is no coincidence that this musical work – to me – of course all music involves contrasts – but some do so in an especially strong way – & being open-eyed to life’s contradictions I see as indeed related, bound-up with our ‘shi’urim’ – text-study-explorations – concerning a ‘religiosity without delusion’ – which is characterized by some kind of non-sentimental rather severe restrained consciousness, disposition & expression – all of which I hear in this work. ~ Well, so when I decided to share at least something – the 1st movement is most compelling for me – I devoted a long time choosing what rendition from among those available on youtube to share – & wow – I had never heard Vadim Repin’s interpretation – it is just something else! What he brought to it actually brings to my mind-spirit – what Neil Young has brought & continues to bring to his music. Both artists play not ‘as though’ – but actually such that ‘their life/lives [indeed] depend on it’ – and maybe even more than their own lives alone —

And so that voice just said to me:

Well, then, hello-ho Steve –

you’ve got to now


something of Neil Young’s giving himself over to his music, to —