Rolling, then, with Jeff Buckley & Leonard Cohen with the idea-experience-reality that it’s indeed not a cry you hear at night – & – no, my man, no girl – you right – it’s not somebody who’s seen the light — o-oh yeh, you know-ho-ow it – it’s a cold – as Wallace Stevens takes-up ‘cold’ – as a figure for experiencing reality – as much as this is possible – without adding our meanings – but-rather encountering it as close as possible as it is (see for example his poem ‘The Snow Man’ – so that, yes, here’s reality ‘cold’ – without intrusion of what we want it to be – without-illusion without-delusion dialectically embracing, reflecting, including all & everything in its contradictions not given to resolution – redemption – not full, not complete anyway – not given to simple one-dimensional harmony – אלא – a keyword in Rabbinic discourse – ela – ‘on-the-contrary’ – ‘but-rather’ it’s a cold but oh so rich so rea-eal – that’s right – that’s right – you know it baby – oh yeh – it’s a broken ‘like fine lace – torn yet beautiful’ (Yehuda Amichai) – sing – chant- croo-oo-oon the-between – the divided – halle-halle-lu-oo-oo-oo-ya-a-a-a-a-a-ah

by prokofiev19