Enduring Contradictions

Some fragmentary random improvisations on what we try to re-main, rename, reclaim ~ of the in-between of boston-jerusalem, jewgreekbuddhabeethoven extremes meet ~ of contradictions – truths, claims incommensurate yet both, each, all commanding ~ of the ram נאחז בסבך caught in the thicket ~ of irony's persistent critical mourning loss celebrative disruptive demanding love of response-ability toward possibility in the different faces of everything everyone one another ~ of the other in need – of the over there ~ אלא – the rather than ~ that makes its demands upon us over against opposite us in the here and now

With my very first post in this blog I’m trying-out for just over a month now I offered the first pages of my essay on The Educational Conversation & Its Dialectic Spirit – & there promised I’d share the rest of those thoughts with you ~ so-ho hoo-ha here’s that exploration in full {If you don’t see the link to the essay below – click on the Comment(s) link & it will appear.}

‘The polarities are in us’ – ‘Number me among the almonds’ – ‘The purpleword over, o over the thorn’ – Paul Celan ~ ‘The one who looks upon – & treads alongside – the abyss’ – Gilgamesh